Festival buys Thornton Heath new Xmas Lights

Thornton Heath Festival is a not-for-profit body!  Funds generated from the 2015 Festival have been spent on new Christmas lights for Thornton Heath’s High Street! Everything made goes back into our local community!

The new lights will be switched on at the Clock Tower at 5.30pm on Saturday 21 November 2015.

The honours will be done by local singer Kimberley ‘SK’, who will also warm hearts with a few songs of Christmas cheer.

The Acts Christian Church choir will sing Christmas carols to add to the festive spirit.j

Thornton Heath Lights Flyer 2015 (PRINT)

Why not pop down to the High Street at 5.30pm on Saturday to see the lights being turned on and to support your local community?

If you have not done so already, you may wish to look at – and Like – our Facebook page which provides a good photographic record of what was an excellent day all round for Thornton Heath’s community this summer.

Thornton Heath Festival 2015 Facebook page

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