Thornton Heath Festival Xmas Lights: “That’s the Christmas spirit”

Thornton Heath Festival’s Christmas light event took place as planned on Saturday 21 November 2015.

Acts Chritian Church Choir wide cropped imageClip_1448567246147

Acts Christian Church Choir under Thornton Heath’s historic Clock Tower before lights are turned on!

The event was opened by Acts Christian Church Choir! It sang beautifully, applying well practised harmonies to a range of Christmas carol favorites to bring Christmas cheer to Thornton Heath!  Locals quickly got into the festive spirit, with some joining in the carol singing as the Choir got into full swing! It’s just not Christmas without a great choir singing well known and loved carols!!!  Thornton Heath owes a debt of thanks to the Acts Christian Church.

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Festival buys Thornton Heath new Xmas Lights

Thornton Heath Festival is a not-for-profit body!  Funds generated from the 2015 Festival have been spent on new Christmas lights for Thornton Heath’s High Street! Everything made goes back into our local community!

The new lights will be switched on at the Clock Tower at 5.30pm on Saturday 21 November 2015.

The honours will be done by local singer Kimberley ‘SK’, who will also warm hearts with a few songs of Christmas cheer.

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Thornton Heath Festival 2015 a Local Success Story

Thornton Heath Festival 2015 was a huge success because of a mixture of brilliant music, colour, dance – and not least our children says Festival MC, Callton Young OBE.

National soca star, Triniboi Joocie, got Thornton Heath on its feet with a breathtaking performance that epitomised carnival.  He first sang Beautiful, Go Down, Mawd and then Las Wuk.

Triniboi Stage shot THF 2015 Photos 183Thornton Heath heard Soca at its very best!

It witnessed a first class performance, from a first class artist.

If any revellers had not heard of Triniboi Joocie before, they had now!! The crowd’s response was unequivocal!  It called loudly and in unison for ‘more, more more!’

So they got more, until the Festival had to close – with Triniboi Joocie held to a promise by the throng to return to Thornton Heath next year with more of his Soca genius!

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Thornton Heath Festival 2015

Thornton Heath Festival 2015 will be an awesome spectacle of rhythmic sounds, splashes of colour, sizzling songs and global dance.

Do not miss out on this fun-filled spectacular starting at noon on 6 September on Thornton Heath’s High Street!

Rhythmic sounds will be provided in the form of thunderous Japanese Taiko Drums played at one end of Thornton Heath High Street at the start of the Festival by Tamashii Taiko, a drumming troupe.   At the same time the calypso beats of the Caribbean will ring out on steel drums played at the opposite end of the High Street by Endurance Steel Orchestra.   Revellers can take their pick or move between the two to enjoy a bit of both!

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Thornton Heath Festival 2014

The Thornton Heath Festival 2014 took place on 7 September. It was an fun-filled day, packed with live music, dance and a variety of stalls and activities.  There were about 6,000 revellers over the course of the day.

The Festival was formally opened by the Deputy Mayor of Croydon who spoke of the rich ethnic diversity in Thornton Heath and welcomed that the Festival would have something in it for everyone. She toured the stalls and amusements with Tony Rowland, Festival Organising Committee Chairman, staying for several hours to speak to revellers. She received a warm welcome from all.

American Dillon Wyte kicked of the live show with brilliant performances from his new reggae album VisionIrie and blew his audience away with his awesome Hendrixesque guitar solos.  At times he played his electric guitar holding it behind the back of his head and even played it with his teeth.

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